100 ways to make extra money using your PC, laptop and smartphone!

Over time this website is being built up into an encyclopedia of ways to make money from the comfort of your own home. With these methods you can use your PC, laptop or smartphone to earn money.

PLEASE BE AWARE that these are not in any particular order. Different opportunities suit different people. If you are taking it seriously then you will go through each one and work out what is best for your needs and circumstances.

2) Slidejoy (android users only)
3) Prolific Academic
4) Profit from casino cashback offers (UK only)
5) PrizeRebel
6) Crowdwork at Spare5
7) Invest in eco-friendly debentures (UK only)
8) Clickworker
9) Money making subreddits
10) Setup a youtube channel
11) PanelBase (UK only)
12) Create an adult website

More to be added soon until 100 is reached….